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21st September 2020. Mountain Stories

I'm missing the mountains so I've started sketching and writing about them some more.

27th December 2019. A stack of books.

Lots of other people are doing it so I thought I would too. Here is a stack of my favourite reads of 2019.

25th November 2019. Riding the Coal Road.

Last week I took a train and my ’cross bike out to Garsdale in the north-west Dales and cycled home. A great ride inspired by John Rawnsley, creator of the Three Peaks Cyclo‐Cross. With my friend Jo Allen, I have started to work on a book about John and the ’Peaks: John's Race ‐ the story of the Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross.

12th September 2019. Holiday snaps.

Pictures and thoughts from my summer holiday to the Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hebrides.

29th April 2019. Painting mountains.

After a gap of six years I am painting mountains again thanks to my three-year-old daughter, Nan Shepherd and a holiday in Kintail.

18th December 2018. Thoughts on Waymaking

Published in October, Waymaking is an anthology of women's adventure writing and art. In the weeks running up to its launch and since, it has been both interesting and exciting to see the response it has got. It is an amazing book, one I am very proud to have had a role in making.

This blog is my view on where it should go next.

12th September 2018. Summer's gone

A few summer adventures in the Yorkshire Dales and Scottish Highlands

22nd January 2018. A fleeting encounter with the Big Grey Man?

Experiences from a mid-winter's day running in the Cairngorms.