A Bicycle Ride in Yorkshire

An illustrated guide to the route of Le Tour Yorkshire

"An exceptionally delightful book"

brian palmer, the washing machine post

Inspired by the visit to Yorkshire of the 2014 Tour de France, this book combines my love for cycling, painting, writing and the county of Yorkshire. The race started in Leeds and spent two days cycling around the county, before heading south to cross over the channel. The route of Le Tour Yorkshire takes in some of the best roads and scenery the county has to offer, the illustrations follow the route, reflecting the heritage of the county as well as the beauty and sheer variety of places and things there are to see.

Over the years I have cycled around and about the route of Le Tour Yorkshire many times. In the summer of 2013 I rode both day's routes and whilst doing so was inspired to do this book. I had an amazing time doing all the paintings and writing. It really has been great to combine my love of cycling writing and painting in this way!

You can view all of the book's illustrations on their gallery page, where you can also order signed prints of any of the illustrations. Some of the original illustrations are still available to buy too - please see the gallery for more details.

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